J.P.Morgan-backed research fintech, Limeglass, appoints Citi and BNP Paribas financial research expert, Steven Saywell

Company targets innovation to the financial research industry through digitisation and atomisation

22 March 2021, London:

Limeglass, the J.P. Morgan-backed financial research innovation company, today announced the appointment of former Citi and BNP Paribas research expert, Steven Saywell, as a strategic advisor.

Mr Saywell brings a wealth of experience in the fields of financial research and market analysis, from an illustrious career heading research teams for a number of institutions, including roles as Chief Currency Strategist at Citi and Global Head of FX Strategy at BNP Paribas. Most recently he spearheaded a breakthrough initiative to promote research content across asset classes to the world’s top fund managers. It is this role in particular that highlighted to him the challenges facing banks in ensuring that research is digested by the appropriate clients.

Limeglass is a  SaaS tool which helps  financial institutions’ research teams make better use of the huge volume of financial research produced by their organisations to benefit clients.

Research Digitisation is becoming an area of focus for many institutions sitting on a goldmine of information, but without effective tools and workflow to sift and distribute it to benefit clients and gain an advantage.

The volume of financial research, and the lack of innovation in how it is delivered, mean that market participants can spend copious hours searching through emails to find information on the trades they are considering. Even worse, clients may never discover key research pieces that could be critical to their investment decisions.

Limeglass is machine-tooled to help users quickly find and assimilate the most important and relevant information, transforming the liability of information overload into the asset it was designed to be.

Mr Saywell said: “Research Digitisation is a new frontier for financial institutions seeking workflow and client service advantage through technology.  This product transforms research into the differentiator it should be. I am delighted for the opportunity to be part of a team bringing innovative change and evolution.”

“Research is a huge asset to an organisation but inefficient distribution processes amid the sheer number of reports are limiting its true potential. Limeglass’ technology enables sell-side research teams to improve their workflow, communication and distribution of research both internally to the sales force and externally with clients.”

Rowland Park, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Limeglass, said: “Steven Saywell has an impeccable background in financial research and analytics at some of the city’s most respected institutions.

“Not only has Steven written research but he has also worked with the bank’s sales teams and clients to help them maximise the value locked away in the analysis.  His enthusiasm for our service when he first saw it and his personal experience of the problem of information overload for all market participants immediately convinced us of the huge benefits of having him as part of our team.”

“We are very delighted as he is joining us at a time when banks are now prioritising Research Digitisation and looking to apply technology to turn their research to their advantage and brings a uniquely relevant bank-side perspective to the challenges research teams face in handling the mountain of information produced by their institutions, and how it could be used to better effect to benefit their customers.”

Steven Saywell